About Us Hello, WatsON Srl

The company

WatsON is an Information Technology company dedicated to the implementation of information systems and telecommunications on-line and off-line, B2B and B2C solutions for private and public organizations able to support their management strategies and business.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field and part of a business group established in a number of years of work we have created custom solutions for dozens of companies helping them to maximize and expand their business by deploying expertise, people and values.

Thanks to innovative business processes, proprietary infrastructure and a network of specialized partners of international relevance Watson is able to respond promptly to any communication need and to always be close to the needs of its customers.

With Watson any company can invest without worrying about their future and focus on their productivity benefiting from:

An efficient customer service that takes care of managing with courtesy, competence and timeliness of all the needs of the client, the first commercial approaches all'assurance and quality control of the services provided.

A Network Operation Center efficiently able to guarantee the functionality of all physical and logical services and equipment supplied to the customer. Our technicians perform a constant monitoring activity to prevent failures, anticipate requests for technical assistance and reduce recovery time in case of failure.


  • WatsON Facile

    Born from the Inova WatsON Facile laboratory, EasyOffice’s founder, is an app for bulk SMS sending, faxes, and managing contacts in your address book and agenda.

  • VoIP and WatsON Impresa

    The WatsON Facile project is enriched by the VoIP section and business services that are always more complete.

    Debuting at the same time is WatsON Impresa, the telephone exchange, future founder of Watson Pbx.

  • Receiving faxes and sending letters

    Within WatsON Facile new services will be added, such as receiving faxes and sending letters and registered letters directly online.

  • WatsON Easy Call

    Thanks to past experience with WatsON Impresa comes forth WatsON Easy Call, the management system for call centers.

  • WatsON PBX

    WatsON Impresa evolves and gives rise to Watson PBX, the telephone exchange system available in different versions, more or less structured according to business demands.
    With this also comes VoIPtimizer in order to resolve VoIP problems connected to call interruptions, echoes, delays, and losing one’s place in conversations.

  • Watsy

    Here comes Watsy, the VoIP telephone that is pre-configured and ready to use, usable wherever there is an Internet connection.

  • EasyCall Edison

    Edison Energy has commissioned the EasyCall Edison project, in order to control and manage campaigns from its call centers.

  • WatsON Srl

    Thanks to the success of the Easy Call, WatsON Facile and WatsON PBX apps, debuts WatsON S.r.l.
    In the same year, WatsON Facile has become WatsON EasyOffice.

  • Shipping

    WatsON EasyOffice is adding parcel shipping, conveniently insured from the app.

  • EasyOffice iOS

    The WatsON EasyOffice project is going mobile; the first app will be on iPhone.

  • Document Management

    A Document Management service will be launched from within WatsON EasyOffice, allows for archiving and sharing one’s own files.

  • 10000 subscribers

    EasyOffice has reached a total 10,000 subscribers.

  • EasyCall web

    Born from an idea is EasyCall web, the call center that is managed without needing to purchase hardware or download any kind of software.

  • EasyOffice Android

    WatsON EasyOffice hits Android

  • App international

    The mobile section is becoming international, increasing the number countries in which the app is available: Austria, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Portugal.

  • Autoricarica ON

    Autoricarica ON, the program that tops up EasyOffice clients with voice time bonuses and credits.

  • New VoIP rates

    New VoIP rates for EasyOffice, guaranteed savings for landlines and mobiles, domestic and international.

  • 30.000 subscribers

    EasyOffice has reached 30,000 total subscribers.

  • App iOS 10,000 downloads

    EasyOffice has reached 10,000 App Store downloads.

  • App Android 10.000 downloads

    EasyOffice has reached 10000 downloads on Google Play

  • EasyOffice Scan Fax 2.0

    EasyOffice Scan Fax, EasyOffice’s iOS app is updated with version 2.0, new graphic interfaces and service improvements and evolution.

  • EasyOffice Cloud

    Also during this time, EasyOffice Cloud is also getting a new look, presenting its users with a new interface that is completely redesigned with new texts and guides to simplify the browsing experience.

  • EasyCall Cloud

    EasyCall Cloud, a new formula for managing call centers completely online and independently.
    The client can manage top ups and his/her own call center directly from the app.

  • The redesign of EasyOffice Cloud’s Personal Account area

    January 2013 also saw the redesign of EasyOffice Cloud’s Personal Account area, new graphics, simplified services and greater ease for all communication operations.

  • Watsy

    Now debuting is Watsy, WatsON’s solution for VoIP telephony in both app (available for Android and iOS) and phone; the landline phone that is usable wherever there is an Internet connection, offering the advantage of free telephone account top ups thanks to Autoricarica ON, the program that rewards its clients who receive promotional information.

  • EasyOffice Cloud

    Also during this time, the old My Watson site will be giving up its place for good to EasyOffice Cloud, being transformed into a business site in order to have an overview relative to WatsON S.r.l. and its products.

  • EasyOffice Cloud has reached 16,000 web users

    EasyOffice Cloud has reached 16,000 web users in Italy, 18,000 total web users and 60,000 users between web and apps, both domestic and international.

  • EasyOffice Scan Fax Android

    EasyOffice Scan Fax Android is getting a revamping itself, renewing and improving its performance.

  • EasyOffice Cloud is integrating with Dropbox.

    EasyOffice Cloud is expanding its memory and integrating within Dropbox in order to achieve all documents.
    It also provides support for faxes, e-mails and letters.